The Daddies’ Split Guide

The Daddies’ Split Guide is a thoroughly sexist document. It makes absolutely no attempt to pander to the politically correct drivel that is currently turning civilisation as we know it, into a sad, anti-male caricature.

It deals with the phenomenon of divorce and was written specifically for fathers who find themselves locked out of their homes and separated from their children with the bulk of their income and assets confiscated. It documents one of the saddest failings of the modern way of life offering solace for the myriad injustices suffered every day by caring, loving fathers.

The Guide is hard hitting and honest and makes no apology for its stark brutality. It isn’t anti-women, it is refreshingly pro-men. Any man who has been through the family court system or been made a victim of the various child support agencies in any modern western democracy will easily identify with the content and will recognise its authenticity.

The Daddies’ Split Guide is not for pussies. It’s men’s business but having said that it will also resonate with many women who are the second wives, mothers and sisters of men whose lives have been butchered by the uncaring bureaucracy of the divorce industry. 

The Guide features an introduction by John Stapleton, founder of the ‘Dads on the Air’ radio program (the longest running men’s issues program in the world) and journalist with ‘The Australian’.

Besides being brutal and blindingly honest, the Guide also manages to be funny. An odd combination of heartfelt sentiments awaits the battered father who not only gets to cry into his beer but emit the occasional chuckle as he realises he isn’t alone and his horrifying, humiliating experiences are far from unique.

Essential reading for any man whose life has been forever desecrated by the callous destruction of his family. This Guide will burst the bubble of the fake, feminist fantasy that is currently undermining our society and ruining the lives of millions of innocent children.