Dragon This

Dragons are the Keepers of Consciousness. They removed themselves from human consciousness roughly 5,000 years ago when humanity stopped looking to the stars for the answers to the fundamental questions of existence and instead began looking to the Earth.

The seven centres of human consciousness are presided over by the seven dragon Clans, each of which has a leader known as a ‘Gwunthnurtle’. Each of the seven Gwunthnurtles is the master of the form of consciousness over which their Clan presides. These seven centres are; brain consciousness, eye consciousness, ear consciousness, tongue consciousness, hand consciousness, foot consciousness, and testicle/ovary consciousness.

When the People’s Business Party (PBP) attempts to remove the dragon icons from its jurisdiction, this invokes a crisis which the dragons must respond to. The removal of dragon icons amounts to the removal of consciousness which will ultimately result in humanity being conscious only of itself. The dragons’ attempts to rectify the situation result in the capture of all seven Gwunthnurtles who are then forced to make the internet conscious so that the PBP can use it to further its evil, selfish political ends.

The Gwunthnurtles escape after having been reunited for the first time in many millennia. Before they escape they combine the seven portions of a map which they each have indelibly tattooed to the underside of one of their wings. The map reveals the location of the eighth and highest centre of human consciousness, that of the heart which is presided over by a being known as the Gwunthnurtle of Divinity (GoD). GoD turns out to be a small white mouse who lives in a swamp and refers to himself as Tim (The immortal mouse). Tim presses the karmic reset button which causes all manner of mayhem to erupt within the human realm.

President Margaret Waterhouse of the PBP enlists the help of a reptile eradicator known as Crocodile Humvee to wipe the dragons off the face of the Earth. He eventually defects after realising that the real enemy is the PBP. 

President Waterhouse forms an unexpected alliance with her traditional enemy, President Boris Szhitkan of Krussia and together they attempt to finish what Crocodile Humvee began. But the seven dragon Clans are now united for the first time since pre-history and even with their advanced technology and weapons, humanity is no match for the dragons who ultimately triumph and save the world from evil.