Melissa was a model working out of Vancouver until she smashed her Porsche.

Her body, cryogenically frozen is placed in storage but she ‘wakes up’ sometime in the future to find herself in the middle of World War Three. This particular WW111 is the final war of the sexes. The men have discovered how to make a boy from two sperm cells and the women are doing the same thing with their eggs. This has empowered both sexes to decide they don’t need each other anymore. So it’s like divorce on the scale of global warfare.

Melissa is sent to a POW camp where she meets Cherry, one of the cloned female soldiers who is able to arrange for them both to be swapped in a prisoner exchange with the men. This gets Melissa inside one of the ‘sister’s’ bases where it is soon discovered that she is a hetero-sexual. This is not deemed to be a good thing.

With Cherry’s help, they both escape and make their way to the seaside where they find a tribe of lesbian pagan witches co-existing in the sand dunes with a group of male homo-sexuals, all of whom have been overlooked by both denominations of the ‘unfucked’ and besides the occasional stray bomb, left to live in peace.
The two tribes are eventually rounded up by the ‘brothers’ after a pamphlet drop proclaiming ultimate victory in the war. This proves to be wishful thinking and both tribes are freed as the ‘sisters’ counter-attack destroying the brothers’ garrison and wiping out most of the prison guards.

Melissa and the remnants of the two tribes find themselves the sole occupants of a reasonably magnificent fortress. They discover flying machines and work out how to fly them.

Due to some highly dodgy practices frowned on by all civilised standards of decency and decorum, the remaining male prison guards are literally fucked to death by some of the gay men. This results in the discovery of the destructive power of human semen as a weapon against the unfucked. One drop is enough to begin the process of unravelling their DNA, dissolving their bodies and turning them into foul smelling sludge!

Next, the captured flying machines are used to dose-up all of the unfucked bases’ water supplies with semen. Naturally there are counter attacks and counter-counter attacks and even the odd under-the-counter, counter-encounter. However, the unfucked are eventually disencountered and over-cum.

This in turn leads us, via Evan and Elle, past Kevin, Devon and Levin, to Doctor Om, a computer virus which took over the internet and has been running the planet ever since. The war was a variation on a dating program and the only reason why the good doctor kept producing humans.

Naturally, he and his evil cohorts are eventually defeated and destroyed leaving Melissa to fall in love with her Prince Charming and repopulate the planet with normal sex-loving, often-fucked people.